HardCORE Gate Wheels

Hardcore Hardware

In today’s vernacular, hardcore is synonymous with extreme and that is a perfect word to describe SHUT IT! Gate Hardware's gate wheels. With all of its wheels, SHUT IT! goes to the extreme and uses the hardest steels in the Fence and Access Control Industries. We do this rather than hardening the wheel after it is machined. The result… a stronger gate wheel that is literally “Hard to the CORE”.

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SHUT IT! manufactures its HardCORE V-Groove wheels in two standard sizes: 4” of HardCORE and 6” of HardCORE. Both versions are customized to fit your gate frame and outperform the competition on all fronts.

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SHUT IT! has designed a unique replacement to the industry standard wheel boxes, which have been used on roll gate systems in the past.

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SHUT IT! has successfully adapted its HardCORE V-Groove wheel to be used in installations where a full threshold system is not feasible.

  • SHUT IT Gate Hardware is proud to annouce the release of the most exciting new product in the industry for 2013 - The Self Closing BadAss Hinge.  For more information on this product visit the product page today.

  • Tucson, AZ – November 14, 2012 – SHUT IT Gate Hardware, the leading manufacturer of gate hardware, is proud to announce the addition of two new products to their line of the industry's premier gate hinges. The newest BadAss Gate Hinges will be the strongest hinges available in...
  • The industry’s top gate hardware supplier unveiled its new website at FenceTech 2010, signs up 100 new BADASS dealers/distributors....
  • Counsel Industries, LLC, the leading manufacturer of gate hardware and fence handling equipment, is now SHUT IT! Gate Hardware. The name change is the first step in a complete corporate identity makeover.
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