Counsel Industries is now SHUT IT! Gate Hardware
November 2, 2009

Tucson, AZ – November 2, 2009 – Counsel Industries, LLC, the leading manufacturer of gate hardware and fence handling equipment, is now SHUT IT! Gate Hardware. Beginning on January 1, 2010 the industry leader in gate hardware will operate under its new brand, SHUT IT! Gate Hardware. The name change is the first step in a complete corporate identity makeover. In addition to the new company name, SHUT IT! Gate Hardware will be rebranding its product line, unveiling a new website, introducing new product offerings and developing a new distributor and dealer relationship strategy.

According to SHUT IT! Gate Hardware representative, Skip Bengtson, the changes come at an exciting time for the company. “During this latest economic downturn, the company has had time to review its entire scope of operations” says Bengtson. “What we have discovered is a company that makes great products, but is shy when it came to exposing them to the industry. Additionally, we felt that our existing company brand did not help us tell our corporate story” added Bengtson.

After doing extensive research and talking with existing and potential clients, the company realized that they needed to develop a new strategy for marketing itself and its products. “For us the obvious first step in this new approach was to rename the company. In a new name we wanted it to clearly express what we did. And we wanted it to be a little edgy” explained Bengtson. “We were fortunate to be able to run ideas buy some very creative people, who also let us steal some great ideas.” In the end, SHUT IT! Gate Hardware was chosen for its simplicity, directness, and edginess.

With a new brand identity in place, the company says that the industry can expect to see a lot of SHUT IT! Gate Hardware in the coming months. The company is working with Frank Williams Design Company out of Tucson Arizona to develop an advertising plan that will highlight the new branding and increase visibility to dealers in the industry. The company is targeting FenceTech 2010 for the official unveiling of the new brand and will use the show to introduce the industry to the SHUT IT! Gate Hardware website.

In addition to a new corporate name, SHUT IT! Gate Hardware is remarketing its entire line of products. This includes renaming its line of gate hinges. SHUT IT! Gate Hardware’s line of gate hinges will be sold under the BADASS Hinge brand. “The idea for the name was actually developed during FenceTech 2009 in New Orleans” tells Bengtson. “While listening to one of our representatives explain the benefits of our hinge products to a perspective customer someone at our booth exclaimed ‘wow, those are some badass hinges’” adds Bengtson. “Throughout the remainder of the trade show badass hinges became the running joke amongst our booth staff, but when the idea of branding our product lines came about, it immediately became the leading candidate for our line of hinges” states Bengtson.

Another product line to get a facelift is the company’s v-groove wheels. Again, the company looked for a name that defined the products “with a bit of attitude”. For inspiration, the company used a key aspect of the product line itself. SHUT IT! Gate Hardware wheels are manufactured using hard steel, rather than using the surface hardening process, which all competitors use. The result is a wheel that is hard throughout not just on the surface. With this in mind, the HardCORE brand was born. “Once again, we found a name that perfectly described our products, as our wheels are truly hard to the CORE” says Bengtson.

To learn more about SHUT IT! Gate Hardware the company encourages everyone to visit their booth in Orlando. SHUT IT! Gate Hardware will be at booth #375.

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