Only The Original

Tucson, AZ--SHUT IT Gate Hardware is excited to announce its latest ad campaign Only The ORIGINAL, which will highlight the benefits of using original manufaturer products and not those of companies that steal designs and use sub-prime manufacturing practices.  

SHUT IT Gate Hardware has initiated a campaign to make the industry aware of the the need to purchase products from companies that actually design their own products.  Thoughout the years companies like SHUT IT, small firms with great ideas and products, have been attacked by companies whose only business model is to steal ideas and products rather than develop their own unique solutions. These companies will then use sub-prime manufacturing partners and materials to cut the price. However, when the price goes down so does the quality. Additionally, because these companies have no background in how these products were developed or how they are supposed to operate, they are incapable of providing any level of customer service, leaving the installer and end-user on their own and often out of pocket when the products prematurely fail.

"We have been dealing with copycats and reverse engineers for years," states Skip Bengtson of SHUT IT, "but recently these practices seem to be escalating. Our company has made its reputation on providing the best products and service to the industry. We have loyal employees and suppliers that have worked with us since we began. When these companies cheat, they are not only hurting the industry by providing inferior products and service, but they are threatening the livelihood of hardworking Americans that have taken pride in serving the industry," adds Bengtson.  

"Since the legal system is stacked against the little guy, we have decided to fight this battle through the media," says Bengtson.  During 2016, SHUT IT will deliver sharp ads that highlight the need to reject copycat products. In addition, they have set up a website, which will provide more information on what the industry can do to stop these practices and support the small manufacturers that help make the industry.

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