SHUT IT unveils new website and “green” business practices
March 1, 2010




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SHUT IT unveils new website and “green” business practices

The industry’s top gate hardware supplier unveiled its new website at FenceTech 2010, signs up 100 new BADASS dealers/distributors

Tucson, AZ – March 2, 2010 – SHUT IT Gate Hardware (formerly Counsel Industries, LLC) successfully unveiled its new, industry leading, website in Orlando last month at FenceTech 2010. The launch was so successful, that the company was able at add 100 new SHUT IT BADASSES, members of the company’s certified dealer and distributor network.

“We are very excited about the direction the company is taking with its new online presence” claims the company’s Chief Smartass, Skip Bengtson.    “We have long known that the industry has been slow to adapt the online media, but we now believe that our customers are ready and willing to use the web to interact with SHUT IT” adds Bengtson.

With the new website, existing customers can log on to their secure accounts and access key information about SHUT IT’s product lines. Additionally, the majority of this information can then be downloaded so that the customer can use the material for job bids or to incorporate into their own marketing efforts. Information that is available to Certified SHUT IT Dealers and Distributors include:

·         Product CADs

·         Product warranty and ratings

·         Marketing cut sheets

·         A virtual product catalog

·         SHUT IT’s award winning advertising campaign material

- more -

In addition to accessing key product information, all certified customers of SHUT IT will now be able to order products online using the SHUT IT Shopping Cart. The company plans on making this process its primary product distribution system and will be working closely with its existing customers to migrate them to its new online system. “By moving to the online system our customers will be able to get immediate order confirmation and shipping details, all via website and email confirmation, thus reducing the cost and time wasted on faxing order confirmations” notes Bengtson.

In coordination with its move to a more interactive website SHUT IT Gate Hardware is also developing a new “green” business policy.   “Traditionally we believe that our industry has not been proactive at eliminating wasteful business practices, and our company has not been an exception to this” states Bengtson. “However, we now want to be one of the companies in the industry that leads the move towards more environmentally conscience business practices.”

One of the first steps the company is taking to reduce its carbon footprint is to eliminate all paper marketing material, which includes its product catalog and cut sheets, as these can all now be easily accessed via its website.   Additionally, the company is reviewing its current shipping and receiving methods and developing processes that will enable it to reuse and/or recycle a majority of the material it generates. “We have always prided ourselves in giving our customers the most reliable shipping services and that will not change. However, customers may start seeing boxes that have seen the road before” notes Bengtson. “We see these boxes as experience and tested, not dirty and used!”   Additionally, the company has implemented a plan to reuse 95% of all the paper that it generates in the course of business, including all that unwanted junk mail, in its shipping processes. 

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